Difficult draw vs Jetro FC

October 6th 1PM. Shower of rain and cloudy skies loom St Mary’s nearly square sized pitch. Slippery field, slippery ball and slippery hands sets the ground for a perfect EPL game under the name of TML match of the day. Playing against league leaders Jetro FC, a win would boost YeBoiz FC’s chances of gaining promotion, and potentially contend for the title. With both teams playing for their pride, this game was always going to be a physical one. Even more so for YeBoiz. We were yet to prove ourselves, that “We Champs”. That we deserve to be promoted. That we …

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Game 3 vs E. Capital FC ends with a Tie

Post-Game Review (vs Eastern Capital FC)

Result: T 1-1 (Current Position: 7th as of September 27th)


今年から参戦している東京をベースとした外人リーグ「Tokyo Metropolitan League」第3戦 、Eastern Capital FCとの熱い戦いは、劇的な幕切れになりました。

毎試合書いている “Post Game Review” ですが、YeBoiz F.C.は東京が誇るバイリンガル・イケイケ・チームですので、たまには日本語で振り返っていきましょう~…

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Huge Comeback to Win Our First League Game

Post-Game Review (vs Real Celts FC)

Result: W 3-2 (Current Position: 7th as of September 9th)

Andddddd There it is! Our first W and full 3 points in Tokyo Metropolitan League! Only our 2nd game of the season, and the team was able to rack up 3 tough points against Real Celts FC. A very experienced team with powerful big defenders, but our Boiz were able to stay composed and score a comeback goal with less than 15 mins left in the game. …

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Game 2 vs Real Celts FC

Coming off from our first game loss, our players have been working hard to stay in shape for the 2nd game of the season vs Real Celts FC. Also to make things more exciting, we will be making big changes to the game lineup to try players that missed our first game.


Our first game was a tough loss. But we knew that getting the full 3 pts is tough in this league and that every game we need to be 100% ready. I think our players felt that after last week’s L, and we produced some nice quality …

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Post-Game Review (vs SUNS FC)

Results: L 0-2 (Current position: 9th as of August 26)

We played our very first TML game last weekend vs SUNS FC. The results ended with a 0-2 loss with very early goals coming from the opponent in the early 15 mins. First half we played a 4-1-4-1 (or 4-5-1) position with one CDM controlling the mid-field. There were some issues there, where it made it harder for our CDM to control the mid-field with just one CDM. But overall, besides the goals that we allowed, our first half wasn’t too bad, and it was somewhat expected to see …

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New Season New Boiz

PREGAME POST (Game #1 vs SUNS FC @ Hachioji Park)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

YeBoiz F.C. has arrived! (fireworks) Starting our first game tomorrow, YeBoiz F.C. would officially be competing in the Tokyo Metropolitan League. All thanks to the league organizers and members from the team, we were able to do it! Amazing, our organization was formed in 2018, less than 2 years, and already we have more than 30 members on the team. This year we have registered 26 very talented players from all over Tokyo and with very unique backgrounds.

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What It Feels To Play Again


Footy has always been part of my life. Growing up in an American schooling system, where homecoming and Friday night lights were somewhat limited to American Football, I grew up loving the game of footy. As it turns out, my community had loads of people that loved footy; Mostly Italians or Hispanics. But you bond with them. You get excited with them.

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