YeBoiz at MIFA 20181020

Our Story

Our team was created by a group of dedicated and committed people that wanted more than just “pick-up soccer”. A lot of us have previously played competitively throughout the world (whether it was MLS, NCAA D-1, D-3 level, European football or just Church league…?), and missed the team sport bonding experience, the competitive mentality and obviously shocked by the overweightness of our mid-20s to late-30s “Dad Bod”. Our players are hardworking “salary-man” that go through long hours of overtime work throughout the weekday but come together on weekends to burn all the eating lunch at your desk calories.

Our Mission

Our aspiration at Ye Boiz FC is to create a strong international community, share the same passion of love towards football, and to establish an enjoyable, yet competitive environment in Tokyo Metropolitan area. Our mission is to build an organization that is welcoming towards any individual who shares the same passion as us, and compete in tournaments around Kanto- area (playing 11v11, 7v7, 5v5).