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PREGAME POST (Game #1 vs SUNS FC @ Hachioji Park)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

YeBoiz F.C. has arrived! (fireworks) Starting our first game tomorrow, YeBoiz F.C. would officially be competing in the Tokyo Metropolitan League. All thanks to the league organizers and members from the team, we were able to do it! Amazing, our organization was formed in 2018, less than 2 years, and already we have more than 30 members on the team. This year we have registered 26 very talented players from all over Tokyo and with very unique backgrounds.

What is our color? ??

We are still in the search for our color. Our new 2019/2020 TML squad is very fresh and new. With the opportunity to merge and bring in few skilled players from Shunsuke FC, we have yet to understand how each individual plays, and I believe that would develop throughout the season, but would that be too late?! Shouldn’t we be 100% prepared for each game? We are debuting TML from Division 2. Now, I know thats not normal when there are 3 Divisions in the whole league. We were given this opportunity to start from Division 2 because the organizers believed we were contenders and that we can compete at a higher level. Our street reputation has gone up.

Now, tomorrow is our first game. vs SUNS FC. Apparently they are a decent team, finishing last season at 3rd place, missing the promotion by one spot. If we play our game, I am very confident that we can win this game. The first game of the season is always important, and I know SUNS FC is also hungry to get this W. Our players are mentally and physically ready. LETS GO>!

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