Game 2 vs Real Celts FC

Coming off from our first game loss, our players have been working hard to stay in shape for the 2nd game of the season vs Real Celts FC. Also to make things more exciting, we will be making big changes to the game lineup to try players that missed our first game.


Our first game was a tough loss. But we knew that getting the full 3 pts is tough in this league and that every game we need to be 100% ready. I think our players felt that after last week’s L, and we produced some nice quality football during our last training session. 

Just had a quick chat with our key players, and it seems like they are hungrier than ever. The key to the next game will be whether we could breakdown the mid-field and control the center of the pitch. 

Keeping this blog nice and short, Will be blogging again after our big W this weekend! 

Let us know your predictions for the game! 

Happy Friday!

Come cheer on our Boiz this weekend!

vs Real Celts FC (0-2)

16:20 Kick-Off @YC&AC


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